Milestone: AccoServer

18 months late (Oct 31, 2017 6:00:00 PM)

The AccoServer is a HTTP Server based on tornado and offers the following features:

  • import and export of data in the native accoXchange format as both complete and incremental updates. Exports apply margin markups on a per-distributor level. The hotel portfolio for each distributor can be indivicually tailored down to a per-hotel level and additionally filtered using a simple, easy to use and forgiving DSL.
  • import of data in third-party data formats. The server will actually only accept the data, store it in the file system and notify the corresponding converter processes to do the heavy lifting.
  • a REST interface for viewing and manipulating hotel contracts. User interfaces will use this.
  • Book/Cancel/ARI-checks

In a production environment there will be different groups of nodes each of which will serve only one part, i.e. import, export, ui, book, etc. However, each server will have all features. This is meant to reduce complexity (one type of server with different feature sets) and increasy flexibility when it comes to setting up smaller environments.

The user interface is the most visible part of the system. To a great extent users will judge software quality by easy of use. Currently a "Single Page Web Application" is planned. Framework still needs to be decided on.

Although an XSD may not be necessary at an early state of development, it will play an important role as soon as the general interest in this project increases. People will use it to have a detailed look at the accoXchange format, developers will want it to generate classes to generate accoXchange and last but not least it is a good way to generate a well-structured documentation.

Milestone: Unittests

16 months late (Dec 31, 2017 6:00:00 PM)

Although test are written as coding goes along there must be unittests for r/w from/to database and xml. Writing tests is time consuming as well as important.

Milestone: Basic booking interface

15 months late (Jan 31, 2018 6:00:00 PM)

The acco3 core system will include a booking interface with the following features:

  • Internal booking (booking of own contracts)
    • book
    • cancel
    • ARI-check
  • A framework to hook in connectors to suppliers for book, cancel and ARI-check

Although this will not be part of the core system it is an important step for the proof o concept.

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