Identifiers and Codes

Except some pure ARI feeds all other formats have at least the hotel name in their data. This makes a lot of sense as it makes identification of a hotel in the input data for debugging purposes a lot easier. The hotel name is also the most prominently displayed piece of information on any front end no matter if B2B, B2C or data administration. It usually occupies a visible place at the beginning of each hotel/contract.

For the identification of the hotel there is at least one identifier in all transport format. In many formats there are two identifiers, one for the hotel (building) and another one for the contract. In some formats there are even more identifiers for any of the different purposes:

  • Hotel (building/company) code
  • Contract id
  • Third party hotel code in case the hotel is sourced from another supplier
  • Matching codes such as the ones from GIATA, TTI, IFF or peakwork's Goal Ids.
  • Other codes that might be used for distribution such as the Google-specific hotel code.

It makes sense to keep all these codes in one place, none of the used codes should have a more prominent location. For this purpose it makes sense to have a <References /> element which can contain any number of <Reference /> elements. Each <Reference /> has the mandatory attributes Type and Code. Type contains information about what type of code it is, such as GTA, JAC, HOB, GIATA, TTL, DRV, ACCO, etc. and Code contains the actual code.

It would be nice to have an enum to make Type consistent through all systems, but unfortunately this is not possible without limiting the type to a closed set of actors in the market. This is not the purpose. All that can be done is to limit the used character to uppercase alphanumic [A-Z][0-9].

Within <References /> there must be at least one <Reference /> where the value of the Type attribute is equal to the value of the Supplier attribue. This one corresponds to the actual contract code in the supplier system.

?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <AccoXchange Supplier="ABC">
                    <Name>Hotel Meridional</Name>
                        <Reference Type="ABC" Code="ALC147" />
                        <Reference Type="GIATA" Code="123004" />
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