Product properties and Unique Selling Proposition

  • The core of Acco3 will be open sourced and published under a Berkley license.
  • The accoXchange data format used by Acco3 is also free and published under a BSD license.
  • The accXchange data format covers most of the calculation rules that may appear in a static hotel contract. It also offers an efficient way to transport dynamic rates as both daily rates or LOS based rates.
  • Acco3 together with its native import/export format is able to provide real incremental updates, i.e. it does not need to generate and transfer a complete hotel contract only because one piece of data has changed. This applies to both ARI data and descriptive content.
  • All Acco3 systems can efficiently exchange hotel contracts and keep them constantly updated on partner systems.
  • Calculated rates and static (rules based) rates can be mixed or even applied on top of each other.
  • Acco3 is built on top of an application stack with highly scalable components. Design of the software has a strong focus on scalability.
  • Acco3 provides a framework that seemlessly integrates converters/importers for 3rd party formats with acco3.
  • Converters/importers for some suppliers/channel managers will be available as add-ons.
  • Acco3 will be available as a hosted service where every customer will have his own, independent system.
  • Acco3 is just as complex as the user needs it to be. For administration of the system a comprehensive user interface will be developed.
  • An intuitive yet powerful user interface will help the user with the hotel contract management.
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